Before They Play A Grand Slam

book01Before They Play A Grand Slam: Parenting The Junior Tennis Player, is among the nation’s leaders in providing education to tennis parents and junior players.  Learn valuable information from someone who has been there before and other reputable sources.  How to buy a racquet, how to choose a tennis coach, importance of equipment, importance of nutrition, physical conditioning, traveling, sportsmanship, ways to save money, college and high school tennis, professional tennis, and much, much more!

“David Britt has written a book that I consider to be required reading for anyone involvedwith junior tennis.  Parents, players, and coaches can benefit from the information contained in this book.  Junior tennis can be a great experience if you have the right tools.  This book can give you those tools.  Read this book and I look forward to seeing you on the courts.” -Tim “Dr. Dirt” Wilkison, US Open quarter-finalist and former top 25 player on the ATP tour.

“No book can completely unravel all of the difficulites that will confront juniors and their parents, but Britt’s book demonstrates that is is a help and comfort to have the advice of someone who has been there.  It offers parents the chance to approach their child’s tennis career in a more thoughtful way.” –North Carolina Tennis Today

“Before They Play a Grand Slam is a great book for junior tennis players and their parents.  Tennis is an important part of my sons’ lives.  I am always looking for ways to have a casual and meaningful dialogue with them about their tennis-related goals and how they intend to achieve them.  Because we have all read (and enjoyed) David’s book, it provides a great starting place for those conversations. David does a great job of reflecting on the value, the work, and most of all the FUN of playing tennis as a junior.  Formerly a nationally competitive junior player himself, and now a coach, David offers a lot of good advice (and some hilarious stories).  Having this book around the house is like having a coach “on the shelf.”  My sons and I have each read it more than once. We’ve even traveled to tournaments with it — you never know when you need the coach on hand!”
-Carl Boehm, Junior Tennis Parent