The Wondering Press

book01The Wondering Press was founded in 2003 by Author and Publisher, David W. Britt. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, The Wondering Press publishes books of all types, fiction and non-fiction, for the purpose of entertaining and educating its audience.  The Wondering Press was given its name by owner and publisher, David Wayne Britt and his father, Wayne Britt, for the “exciting, mysterious, surprising, always thinking, and never-knowing-what-comes-next” mind of a writer.  From one book to the next, you can only “wonder” what lies ahead.  It is the hope of The Wondering Press that providing fun and creative ways to entertain and educate people through word, will increase reading and expand people’s minds.

Before They Play A Grand Slam: Parenting The Junior Tennis Player, The Wondering Press’s first printing, is a book that was written for junior tennis parents.This critically acclaimed book provides great education for tennis parents, enabling them to embark on the junior tennis journey with all the right information.

Button The Butterfly and Her Day’s Journey, The Wondering Press’s second printing, is a fun story for the little ones, teaching them the importance of sharing, caring, friendship, respect and love. “Button” is available online at and in select specialty children’s stores. This book is an instant classic for children!

Small Business Woes and How To Survive Them, is a journey through everyday life in a small business. Some laughs, some tears and some wisdom gained. More of a memoir than a business manual, but lessons are learnt and shared – and every small business owner can probably take something away, if nothing more than a knowing nod and a wry smile.