Is WordPress a Good Platform for a Website?

Is WordPress a good platform?

WordPress was originally launched as far back as 2003. It’s an amazing platform to build a website with. Incredibly it now powers about a third of all websites online.

So is WordPress a good platform for building a website? Hell, yes!

OK, so that’s the short answer, but you’re probably wondering more about the ‘why’.

So what makes WordPress a good platform?

  • Because it is so popular it means you can easily find developers and designers (at reasonable rates) to help you build your site
  • WordPress is incredibly flexible – via the use of themes and plugins you can make it do pretty much anything you want
  • Anything it can’t cope with, you can get a developer to add on for you
  • It’s ‘open source’ which basically means you can host it anywhere you like (i.e. you are not locked in to using any one company)
  • It’s designed to be ‘search friendly’ so can rank well on Google
  • WordPress is easy to use. You might a web designer to help you set up your core business pages, but you can edit and add blog posts yourself without knowing any code
  • There is a huge community of friendly users so if you have problems (and don’t have technical support on hand) there is always someone to ask for help
  • It’s pretty safe and secure (so long as you don’t do anything silly with it)
  • WordPress is actively being developed and improved all the time by a large team of top notch dedicated programmers
  • It’s easy to connect it with other external services like email sending services or payment processors (because it is so popular it’s always one of the first systems those services choose to support!)

So you can see there are many reasons why it is a good choice of platform. It may not be the absolute best for some website designs – but it is typically a decent choice for pretty much everything. If you’re not sure, it’s definitely one to shortlist or just to trust popular opinion and go with anyway!

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